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Dive into the sonic revolution that defines MOBBLUZ – an instrumental Alt Jazz Rock powerhouse originating from the heart of Philadelphia, making waves globally! From California's sun-soaked beaches to Germany's lively streets, MOBBLUZ delivers explosive performances, seamlessly blending jazz, funk, boom-bap, and rock into a high-octane experience that defies convention.

Imagine Domi & JD Beck's genius fusion, Snarky Puppy's electrifying spirit, and The Roots' unique originality – that's the MOBBLUZ phenomenon. Our sound magnetizes diverse audiences, from college radio fans to jazz aficionados and spirited youth, promising a scorching synergy that transcends musical boundaries.

In 2023, MOBBLUZ electrified stages at The Kimmel Center, NAMM Show, Cassette Sessions in Berlin, and Musikfest. Our monthly jam session in Center City Philly consistently sells out, showcasing the irresistible allure of our live performances. Riding the success of our debut EP, 2023 saw the release of two new singles, setting streaming platforms ablaze worldwide.

Eager and pumped, MOBBLUZ is poised to deliver an unforgettable show for any audience – whether you're booking, buying, or promoting, MOBBLUZ is your gateway to an interactive, engaging, and high-energy musical journey. Seize the moment and be a part of the MOBBLUZ experience – where innovation converges with sonic ecstasy. Book us now for a musical adventure that transcends the ordinary! 

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